Ask Extension

About Ask Extension

Ask Extension offers one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension/University staff and volunteers within participating Land-Grant institutions from across the United States.

Ask Extension is now available. This system gives the public access to experts in their state and at a National Level. Groups and experts that use Ask Extension can brand it in any way they want for local use.


  • Began as Ask An Expert in 2006 and provided to all Land-grant Universities.
  • Serves as a key educational outreach tool in responding to individual educational needs.
  • Repository of 500K questions answered by 7.7K Extension experts.
  • Content receives 10 million page views annually driving the public to Extension expertise and resources

Get Started

  • To create a new Expert account, individuals must be invited by an existing Ask Extension expert to create one for them. If a new expert is unable to locate an existing expert, or they wish to start a new county or state-based group, email

  • A series of How-To videos are available on covering various topics of working in Ask Extension.


  • Responses via Email. After the initial question submission, both experts and clientele can provide answers and follow-up through a simple email reply. 
  • Contact Info Now Available. Names and email addresses of clientele are available to experts. This allows experts to conduct individual follow-up with clientele. 
  • Access Question History. Clientele can create login accounts through which they can retrieve an entire history of previously submitted questions .
  • Brand Widgets Your Way. Widgets come to the groups unbranded allowing each group to brand the widget any way they want.

  • New Ways to Assign Questions. Groups of Experts have control over their questions and who can access them.

What’s Next

  • We are building an AI Platform that provides information from a wide range of Extension educational resources that includes our existing database of over 500K questions in addition to image recognition capability for things like plants and insects.

  • A chatbot will be deployed to increase the impact of human experts by directing users to answers for common questions in existing resources. This reserves the expert’s time to answer new or difficult questions.

  • The chatbot can differentiate answers based upon location, season, and other conditions. It will integrate into other web platforms so it appears as part of each hosting organization’s webpage.

  • Resources are not stored by the Foundation. The chatbot links to external resources such as your state’s websites to ensure it is working with the latest versions and that ownership is protected. 
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