The Community Seminar Series Playbook: A model for community outreach and student development

Publication Description

“The Community Seminar Series Playbook” is a publication created by a team from the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI) at the University of Illinois Urban-Champaign and the University of Illinois Extension. It is published by the Extension Foundation for the Cooperative Extension Service. This magazine was made possible with funding from the New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) grant program.

The 13-page publication describes the Community Seminar Series (CSS) model, which provides valuable, evidence-based health and well-being information to the general public, while helping graduate students and postdoctoral researchers develop vital public engagement and science communication skills. This playbook describes the processes the CSS leadership team follows to develop the series, develop the webinars, and evaluate the effectiveness of the sessions. It is a step-by-step description about how the team accomplished its work, and includes sample forms.

Land-Grant Institution
University of Illinois

Chelsey Byers,, University of Illinois Extension

Kelsey Hassevoort, University of Illinois IHSI

Max Wallace,, University of Illinois IHSI

Dee Walls,, University of Illinois Extension

Publication Audience
Cooperative Extension
Publication Type
Process Publication
Publication Date
March 20, 2023

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